Open dialogues

Writing about contemporary art in Northern Ireland

March 2021 - July 2021

Analysing the elements for a thriving and interconnected arts ecology in Northern Ireland, the lack of critical writing about contemporary art is an important element missing.
One of the reasons could be the absence of art history studies at University level. This project wants to change this by creating a programme of studio visits and conversations between students and emerging artists and by supporting related writing on these encounters.
Open dialogues
is an ad hoc pilot and very much driven with the support and energy of art historian and senior lecturer in French Claire Moran, together with her students at Queen's University and artists of our Freelands Artist Programme.


PSĀ², through the help of Claire Moran, invited third level students to become more familiar with the work of emerging artists in Belfast and Northern Ireland. The aim was to create an exchange between practising contemporary artists and budding critics, writers, or academics by generating conversations, studio visits, interviews, and critical texts. By creating these encounters, we hoped to establish a critical dialogue on contemporary art, something currently underdeveloped in our region. Ultimately these texts will be published online and in print in the hope that the exchange will deepen the curiosity, knowledge and understanding of contemporary art among a wider audience.

The texts will be published here together with work by the artists.
We hope that this pilot programme will be expanded and more in depth in the coming semesters.