Open Communal Shared Drawing

Tuesday's free drawing sessions, delivered online via Zoom

January 2021 - June 2024

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Gather up any mark making materials you have in the house and some paper, and together we will spend some time making Open Communal Shared Drawing. No previous experience required, all family members welcome and free. 

Between 06-25 September 2021, just at the ease of Lockdown restrictions, we showed work produced during the previous online sessions in Open Communal Shared Drawing-project. This project included work by most participants, a performance and hybrid workshops over a weekend.


21 November, 10-11am: Bernie McAdam and Marie Phelan

Theme/ Material: the theme tomorrow morning will be Autumn/Winter and we plan to include elements of collage in the session so we'd like people to have some colourful paper/fragments on the ready along with glue and of course the usual drawing items, charcoal etc.  We will be reading literary segments based on this theme.

Zoom session

Previous sessions

26 January: Alastair MacLennan
Alastair would like everyone to bring the following to the Zoom meeting (don't worry if you can't):
1) 15 sheets of paper (A4 size, or whatever). 20 if possible
2) 10 separate items to draw with (sticks of charcoal, some dark B pencils, blue or black biro pens, if possible, or whatever).
3) A rubber (eraser)
4) 2 interesting objects of personal choice.

02 February: Alastair MacLennan
Alastair would like you to prepare for the session and have some materials at hand:
1) Each participant to come to the meeting with TWO short stories (to be told taking ONE MINUTE each) about something you've experienced that's:
important to you, that's had an effect on you and that you'd like to share.
2) 10 drawing materials
These could be charcoal, soft B pencils, pens, markers, chalk, or whatever would make clear, definite, strong marks, so they can be seen easily when held up on the zoom screen.
3) If possible, please bring 18 pages of A4 size paper to draw on (If you can't bring these, then 18 pages of whatever size you can manage).
4) Please also bring ONE simple piece of FIRM CARDBOARD, of the SAME SIZE DIMENSIONS as the sheets of paper you'll be drawing on.

Frances Lawson- smell

Frances Lawson

09 February- Bronagh Lawson
Bronagh asks the participants to:

  1. Consider sitting still for 30 mins before logging on
  2. Think about something that you are grateful for or have noticed that is nice in the last few days.
  3. Think about a sound you might like to make
  4. Bring 10 sheets of paper and 5 objects
  5. Gather up 7 different marking making materials

If you like, change your Zoom background to one of your own images/art (but don't worry if you cannot do this).

16 February- James King

He asks the participants to have the usual variety of drawing items at hand, plus chalk or charcoal; A4 paper; a couple of A3 Sheets, not necessary but could be used; tissue/ toilet paper or cotton wool; baby wipes or damp cloth.

23 February- Elaine MCGinn
In regard to materials at hand, Elaine writes:...'there are no real rules about the workshop, usual items, but I would like to request that the participants choose something new, materials, paper, something they have always wanted to try, something that lights them up!!'

02 March
- James King
Please have some materials close to your screen for the session, like the usual variety of drawing items plus chalk or charcoal; blue tack or some way to secure a page; A4 paper; a couple of A3 Sheets. The blue tack is for one of the exercises: to be able to draw with one hand with the other hand not available to hold down the paper. It would be similar to drawing on two pages simultaneously.

09 March:
Tonya McMullan
Please have some materials on hand - whatever you feel comfortable using and paper to draw on as well as three things to smell:
1. A jar of spice from your spice cupboard
2. Organic material i.e. something deriving from living matter (examples include soil/ plant/ porridge/ tea/ coffee/ wood)
3. An item of clothing.

16 March: Rachel Macmanus

For materials: please have large sheets of paper or cardboard sheets next to you, any type of material as long as its big, if people can find that?
Rachel Macmanus currently is part of the Line of Thought exhibition with us, a project focussing on drawing.

23 March: Tonya McMullan

Drawing materials and paper.
A piece of clothing.
Something to smell and taste (could be honey, fresh herbs, glass of milk, fruit, chocolate, biscuit etc).

James King, 13.04.2021

Maps, 20.04.2021

30 March: PS² and everyone
Drawing materials, paper, sticky tape.

06 April: Elaine McGinn
Elaine wants you to have something nice to eat, a piece of fruit, chocolate or a sweet next to you and I guess some drawing material as well.

13 April: Aisling O'Beirn
Aisling will have people draw ‘broken things’ so she asks people to bring:
-a selection of broken objects, things that are maybe lying around the house in need of repair, or even things that are beyond repair etc;
-a range of drawing materials, pencil, charcoal, crayons papers scissors etc as well as a range of papers and surfaces to draw on.
-They could also bring a camera or even their phone to photograph and maybe upload the results if we have time.

20 April: Bronagh Lawson
Please have the usual materials at hand, paper, pens, paints...

27 April: Niamh Scullion
Please have the usual materials at hand, paper, pens, paints...

04 May: Seonaid Murray
Seonaid is a Community Musician and Outreach Officer for Moon Base Projects run by The Black Box, Belfast. Tuesday's workshop will be based around sound. Feel free to draw throughout the session when you hear a sound that you would like to work with! There will also be some set times when we can all draw together reacting to sounds we have made or heard!
Bring paper and any materials you like to draw with.

11 May: Katrina Sheena Smyth
I would ask the participants to bring with them the usual drawing materials (paper/journal, pencils, pens, charcoal etc) and a dense writing piece that they have read. I have been working with dense philosophical theories; however, this could also take the form of a complex poem or piece of literature.

18 May: Ngaire Jackson.
Please have these materials at hand
6 pieces of blank paper
pencils, pens (felts, biros ...)
a pair of scissors
PLUS any 2 pieces of paper with text on them, a bill, newspaper, instruction leaflet, pages of a book, pamphlet, printed paper out of your recycle bin ...

25 May: Irmgard Himstedt
Materials: usual paper, one of it A3; pencils, felt tips, charcoal, coloured pens/ calk, glue stick or tape.

01 June: Sarah and Seonaid Murray
Materials: paper and materials for drawing

08 June: Miguel Martin
For the website Miguel mentioned see.
Materials: a black biro pen and the blank side of a few scrap documents which could be a utility bill, shopping list, bank statement etc

15 June: Sarah Riseborough
Materials: if possible drawing paper (packing paper, lining paper, whatever you have that’s got a smooth surface) that’s around A2 size and a few different colours of pen or pencil, charcoal, a paintbrush and water. Maybe make sure you’re ok with marking the surface underneath the paper!

James KIng


22 June: Bernie McAdam
Materials: nothing specific, just choose the materials you feel happy with.

29 June: Duncan Ross
Materials: paper, a pencil, an eraser, and some kind of indelible medium such as black ink, black paint or black marker pen...

06 July: James King
Materials: 1x A3 page, 6x A4 plus six other pages, could be A3 or A4 and the usual drawing implements.

13 July: Sandra Corrigan Breathnach
Materials: a sketch pad or sheets of paper (110gsm or Less) it is important that the paper is not too thick, a good drawing pen, a 2B a 4B and an 8B pencil (or 6B if you can not get an 8B), Indian ink (in a low container), a small paint brush, scissors, a compact charcoal stick.

20 July: Emily Lohan

27 July: Nathan Crothers

03 August: Bronagh Lawson and Elaine McGinn

10 August: PS²

17 August: Elaine McGinn

24 August: group-led

31 August: Emily Lohan

Material: Apart from your usual drawing materials, nothing in particular; maybe just to have some comfy clothes on and a space to stand up and do some movement.

07 September: Edwina Bridgeman
Material:usual drawing stuff and some scrap fabric that can be drawn on and a needle and thread; can be wool or cotton or anything that will go through the needle that you have!
See more on Instagram

14 September: live from project space

21 September: PS²

28 September: James King

05 October: cancelled

Irmagard Himstedt- Allerseelen-Tag, 2.11.21 (mit Marie)

Irmgard Himstedt- Allerseelen-Tag, Mit Marie, 2.11.21

Irmgard Himstedt

12 October: Bronagh Lawson

19 October: PS²
Please choose an object- and have at hand- which you like and can verbally describe its shape; plus your usual drawing materials.

26 October: PS²

02 November: Marie Phelan
Please have some large A3 paper at hand and a selection of drawing materials.

Edwina Bridgeman

Bronagh Lawson- 09.10.2021- session with Edwina

09 November: Edwina Bridgeman
Edwina suggestst we might look at Madge Gill and her wonderful drawings/ embroideries
Please have your usual drawing stuff. Optional: needle, thread and piece of fabric.

16 November: Zara Lyness
Material: at least half a dozen pieces of paper, whatever size; drawing materials you are comfortable with. 'I would like everyone to have an image or memory of somewhere that is or has been important to them and think about somewhere they have not been and the obstacles that have prevented them from getting there. Hoping to draw on the gestural drawings of Julie Mehretu for inspiration.'

23 November: Alastair MacLennan
1) Could each participant come to the meeting with TWO short stories (each story taking only ONE minute long, if asked to tell it)...about something you've experienced that's:
important to you that's had an effect on you and that you'd like to share.
2) 10 drawing materials
These could be charcoal, soft B pencils, pens, markers, chalk, or whatever would make clear, definite, strong marks, so they can be easily seen when held up on the Zoom screen.
3) If possible please bring 20 pages of A4 size paper to draw on. (If you can't bring these, then 20 pages of whatever size you can manage)
4) Please also bring ONE simple piece of FIRM CARDBOARD, of the SAME SIZE DIMENSIONS as the sheets of paper you'll be drawing on.

30 November: Ronan Smyth
Usual drawing material.

Bronagh Lawson

07 December: Margaret Moore
Material: Selection of paper, variety of drawing tools: pencils, pens, charcoal, biros etc and a
variety of coloured drawing tools- pastels, coloured pencils, biros, felt-tips or whatever you like using.

14 December: Nina Quigley

04 January 2022: PS² and Bronagh Lawson
Material: whatever you have at hand.

11 January: Cancelled

18 January: Eleanor Roche
Material: the normal drawing materials, plus something you may like to take a rubbing with, e.g. stone, treads, leaf.

25 January 2022: Vasiliki Stasinaky
Materials: whatever is available to everyone will do. We might do a bit of moving around, so having a bit of space could be helpful.

01 February: Wilhelmina Peace
Material: arm yourselves with charcoal, white pastel or chalk, paper, a sketchbook, a putty eraser, watercolour brushes (or soft brushes) and some heavyweight paper would be great. We may not use everything, but I like to have those all on hand when drawing.

08 February: PS²
Material: usual drawing material, lots of sheets of simple paper.

15 February: Bernie McAdam
please have some form of mild adhesive on hand, say Pritstick or pva glue, nothing too heavy; coloured paper and pencils, but only if you want to work in colour, pencil, charcoal, ink etc or whatever usually suits is fine.

22 February: Cara Farnan
Materials: pencil and whatever paper you have to hand.

01 March: Emma Brennan
1. Loose drawing tools such as charcoal, graphite, chalk
2. A3 paper or bigger if possible
3. Tape
4. A long object such as a ruler, a chopstick or a bamboo stick
5. A material that appeals to you. It could be a tissue, a crumbled receipt, a piece of stale bread
6. Give yourself some physical space around you.

08 March: Lauren Conway
Materials: pencils, charcoals, anything you have to hand and some paper. However, reference photos and objects would be recommended as my prompts are centred around looking rather than mark making from one's own head (hope this makes sense!)

15 March: Edwina Bridgeman
Materials: charcoal, and /or compressed charcoal, three or four pencils of different hardness, particularly between HB and 6B; A4 paper and a rubber.

Session with James King

22 March: James King
Materials: charcoal, and /or compressed charcoal, three or four pencils of different hardness, particularly between HB and 6B; A4 paper and a rubber.

29 March: Julie Lovett

julielovett8220: Bitta drawing

julielovett8220: Bitta drawing

10 May 2022: Vasiliki Stasinaky
it would be good to have some space to move and maybe bigger sheets of paper that allow for a bit of gestural drawing.

17 May 2022: Margaret Moore
Margaret, currently shows drawings of her mum and some new prints in Vault. They are personal responses to her time caring for her mother, who was diagnosed with vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s. See

24 May 2022: Hattie Godfrey
usual drawing material, including charcoal or ink.

31 May 2022: Sally O'Dowd
Materials: large drawing surface, preferably paper
large sheets A1, A2 or roll, or large sheets of card or unwanted cardboard boxes if you don't have the paper, about 4 sheets each.
Charcoal sticks - long pieces, to tape to the end of...- long Sticks - about 1.5m. bamboo or long tree branches, approx. 4, strong enough to draw with.
Tape - masking tape or something that will stick charcoal to wood.
Room around you to set it all out on the floor and move around.

07 June 2022: John Macormac
Materials: paper and pencils / pens/ felt tips. Access to a window viewing a horizon line would be good, though the horizon may be imagined. Some kind of cardboard to make a stencil- this could be a cereal box or whatever is to hand. Some blu-tak to be used as a fixed point that the stencil can be moved around.

John Macormac- session

John Macormac- session

John Macormac- session

21 June 2022: Greig Burgoyne, currently at the short residency in PS².
Material: Paper, tape

Coby Moore: Rosa is the name they say my mother gave me. I never met her. She dressed in traditional costume and wore a night cap. I still keep it as part of me.

Eleanor Roch: Hotfoot came from nowhere, wrapped himself around me, heating my frozen feet. 'This is what I do', he says. 'I find people just like you'. 'Hotfoot' I say 'I can't really walk when you are on me'. 'No', says Hotfoot, 'but I'll stick around and we'll have fun for awhile'.

28 June: PS²

05 July: Marie Phelan
This will be the last session before the summer break

August: Summer break

Sarah, 28.03.203

06 September: James King
Materials: your usual drawing materials, especially charcoal, paper tissues, rubber.
13 September: Bronagh Lawson / James King

Materials: your usual drawing materials, especially charcoal, paper tissues, rubber.

20 September: PS²
Usual drawing materials

27 September: Bronagh Lawson
Life from PS's current project: Queen's Jubilee East Belfast Style
Usual drawing materials

04 October: PS²
Usual material and charcoal

11 October 2022: Sally O'Dowd session

11 October 2022: Sally O'Dowd session

11 October: Sally O'Dowd
Materials: large paper, sheets, card, (whatever is accessible), charcoal, string, short sticks from the forest floor or the end of long paint brushes, about 30cm or there about tape.

18October: Sally O'Dowd
Materials: same as previous session- large paper, sheets, card, (whatever is accessible), charcoal, string, short sticks from the forest floor or the end of long paint brushes, about 30cm or there about tape.

25 October: Charlotte Bosanquet
Materials: Just paper and pencils. Or whatever participants want to draw with. If everyone could sit outside or by a window?

01 November: Charlotte Bosanquet
Materials: TBC

08 November: Coby Moore
Materials: the ones we have around the house; pencils, charcoal, crayons.

Coby Moore

Coby Moore- work outcome

15 November: Coby Moore
Materials: charcoal and biro pen for drawing.

22 November: Nina Quigley

29 November: Nina Quigley

06 December: James King and participants

13 December: Sukhema

10 January 2023: Bronagh Lawson

17 January: Davy Mahon

Husk Bennett

Marie Phelan

24 January: Davy Mahon

31 January: Husk Bennett

07 February: Rachel MacManus

14 February: Rachel MacManus

21 February: Husk Bennett
Material: usual plus a permanent marker if you have

07 March: NIna Quingly

14 March: Coby Moore

21 March: Coby Moore

28 March: Irmgard Himstedt

Irmgard Himstedt, 28.03.23

Sarah, 28.03.23

Coby Moore, 28.03.2023

04 April: Irmgard Himstedt

Easter Break

18 April: Eleanor Roche
Materials: usual drawing materials and/or sewing needles, treads, a bit of fabric or stiff paper.

25 April: Eleanor Roche

02 May: Emily Lohan
Additional material: an object you enjoy drawing and can hold in both hands.

09 May: Emily Lohan

16 May: Chloe Austin

23 May: Chloe Austin
Materials: Please bring an object that has some personal significance. The object can be anything at all – as long as you have some connection or history with it. It may not even be a physical object – it could be something you wish you had kept, something that has been lost or damaged.

30 May: Collective (all artists participating at the session)

06 June: Emma Brennan
Materials:  Whatever drawing materials you like to use

  1. As big a piece of paper of surface to make marks on as they can, this could be a pavement and use chalk for example
  2. Tape
  3. Extensions for your hands, legs, arms ~ could be a chopstick or a ruler or another pencil could be a sweeping brush... etc
  4.  Something you would like to draw an object
  5.  A piece of writing that speaks to you, this could be a book, a text message, a meme, a fridge magnet with a quote.

13 June: Emma Brennan

20 June: Linda Schütz
Materials: usual drawing material

27 June: Linda Schütz
Material: bring or think of objects that have a home or a place and if possible some forgotten items (things you own but don’t know what it is or where it came from).


12 September: James King and Nina Quingly

19 September: James King and Nina Quingly

26 September: James King and Nina Quingly

03 October

10 October

17 October

24 October


07 November

14 November

21 November: Bernie McAdam and Marie Phelan
Materials: ususal drawing materials plus some colourful paper/fragments and glue, scissors.