Syllabus VII artist announcement

Omid Asadi, Maggie Campbell, Katrina Cobain, Sophie Gresswell, Sahjan Kooner, Yoojin Lee, Natasha MacVoy, Michael. , Alexis Parinas, Moira Salt

🌟We are delighted to announce the ten selected artists for Syllabus VII in partnership with Wysing Arts Centre, Eastside Projects, New Art Exchange, Spike Island, Studio Voltaire and TACO!: 


Omid Asadi 

Maggie Campbell 

Katrina Cobain 

Sophie Gresswell 

Sahjan Kooner 

Yoojin Lee 

Natasha MacVoy 


Alexis Parinas 

Moira Salt 


🪴Together the artists will co-produce the Syllabus programme in collaboration with artist advisor Uma Breakdown and the partner organisations. Over ten months, they will undertake workshops, critical conversations and mentoring, whilst connecting with arts organisations and communities across the UK. 


You can find more information about each artist on the Syllabus website

🚀Syllabus is a collaboratively produced alternative learning programme that supports ten artists each year. Syllabus offers time to come together with artists from across the UK to discuss ideas, work, life and approaches to practice.  


Syllabus is supported by Freelands Foundation.

About the artists:

Omid Asadi (he/him), a multidisciplinary artist hailing from Iran, explores the intricacies of human existence through the lens of contrast. His work delves into themes of immigration, identity, environment, and memory, reflecting a deep inquiry into the human condition. Instagram handle:  omidasadiart

Maggie (they/them) is an artist working across sculpture, costume, text, and performance. They worked as co-facilitator at The Field, a communal practicing/living project in rural Derbyshire. Instagram handle: @watergender

Katrina Cobain (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Glasgow, working in performance, sculpture, writing and film. Her work explores the behaviour, personas and coping mechanisms invented under our late capitalist landscape, and the cognitive dissonance and absurdity they often produce. She uses writing as a tool in correspondence with object making, to push narratives forward in her practice. Instagram handle: @katrinakobain

michael. (he/him) is an artist and community worker based in London.

Sophie Gresswell (she/her) is an artist exploring interconnected ‘living’ heritage. Her work often stems from her own experiences of mixed heritage and facilitates space to sit with complex history and unknown heritage in order to find a deeper sense of connection. It invites us to transcend our individual lifespan and amplify the way our human stories intersect through generations, cultures and history to bring us to the current moment in time, and inform the very people we are today. Instagram handle @sgresswellart

Moira (she/her) is a multimedia artist, using film and sound, performance, printmaking, and installations. Her practice looks at b/Black diasporas, particularly women, and their connection to memory, myth, and land. Instagram handle @moirasalt

Sahjan Kooner (they/them) is an amalgamation of inherited worlds and speculative futures, they work in a freelance capacity to support their practice and owe a great deal to their family, they are a student of the dream state. Using video and installation, they create expansive worlds that explore the traces of love, hope and imagination that make our lives possible, along with examining a debris of questions around the technological, social and racialised structures that augment life.

Yoojin Lee (she/her) works across and in-between performance, installation, text, sound and video to embody ways of becoming and knowing. Her work engages with seemingly quiet, less noticed but persistent forms of resistance and relating that unfold through multiple temporalities, such as sleep, sloth and slowness. She sleeps in London. Instagram handle @nijooyl

Natasha MacVoy (she/her) explores ideas and motifs that relate to invisible labour, care and neurodiversity, through playful use of doubling, repetition and considered use of close-at-hand materials. Simultaneously highlighting universal experiences based on our perception of space, passage of time, processes of making, and how we might gather, hold and return to our thoughts. Recent exhibitions include Eye Witness, Exeter Phoenix Gallery, 2024 and U & I, Eastside Projects Members Show, Birmingham, 2023. Instagram handle @natashamacvoy

Alexis Parinas (he/they) is an artist and arts facilitator working across moving image, painting, eco-printing, and installation. Through explorations of intangible cultural heritage, they seek to archive, imagine, discover, nurture, and pass down complex and expansive worlds through their practice. They also facilitate creative workshops for schools, universities, youth groups, and arts organisations, with a focus on nurturing the imagination and curiosity of young people through the arts. Instagram handle: @miraxmei