Freelands Symposium 2022

The symposium in Belfast brings together artists and staff from the four partner organisations of the Freelands Artist Programme: Site Gallery, Sheffield, England; g39, Cardiff, Wales; Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland; PS², Belfast, Notthern Ireland and the Freelands Foundation, London

Ends 16 September 2022

As an annual event of the Freelands Artist Programme, the symposium this year will take place in Belfast, and we are very excited about this. In 2021 it was g39 in Cardiff which hosted the event, before that it was a gathering in the cloud of Zoom for Covid reasons, and in 2019 it happened in Sheffield with Site Gallery.

The Freelands Artist Programme is an initiative funded by the Freelands Foundation that supports creative and professional development for emerging artists based in Northern Ireland, and fosters long term relationships and collaborations between artists and arts organisations.

The Freelands Artist Programme was created to build and strengthen professional arts practice outside of London and support and enhance collaboration between 80 emerging artists and four arts organisations from across the UK. As with all the Foundation’s initiatives to date, the programme was established following extensive research into the current landscape of post-university support for emerging artists in the UK.

Alongside PS², Belfast, Northern Ireland, Site Gallery in Sheffield, England; g39 in Cardiff, Wales, and Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland, were selected to participate in this 5 year long Programme [2018-2023].

The programme has three core objectives:
1. Supporting emerging artists in their creative and professional development, and bolstering their local networks with other artists and arts professionals.
2. Supporting regional arts organisations in their collaboration with artists, developing best-practice approaches to engaging with artists, creating new public engagement programmes and enabling the overall development of arts ecosystems.
3. Sustaining and strengthening arts ecosystems by attracting, developing and retaining talent – both artists and arts sector professionals – across the UK.


More details to follow.