Opening hours

Tues-Sat: 1-5pm

at least two trees on Donegall Street, amen

Part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival 2008

Bill Saunder

Ends 10 May 2008

Recent and ongoing work by PSĀ² member Bill Saunders, referencing "the tree as witness".
There are 46 trees on Donegall Street, two are in front of Bill Saunders studio. Threatened by the ongoing regeneration of the Cathedral Quarter, these two trees seem to influence the visual awareness, subject matter and choice of material for the artist.

Wood, buddleja branches or chipboard are the material of his sculptures; the drawings depict and dissect the verticality of trees. Saunders experiments with the possibilities of the materials and forms of abstraction, reconstructing a natural system: poetic and fragile. His work deals with our relationship to nature and establishes an independent visual system parallel to our reality.