The Lost and Found Sessions

Curated by Cecelia Graham and Grace Jackson

Lily Ross Millard,

Ends 29 October 2022

The project is a series of workshops that explore the narrative infrastructure of personal archives. During the workshops, participants will be asked to consider what the architecture of an archive could be through a series of discussion and text-based exercises.

Lillian Ross-Millard is a video artist based in Scotland. Her practice documents physical research methods adapted from alternative theatre processes. This method of research can be thought of as an open-ended process, where participants are invited to gather items of writing, personal experience/testimony, their own research, music and objects around a central question. Once gathered, the collection is then synthesised on an individual basis into a repeatable series of gestures. These gesture scores serve as modular pieces of knowledge which are then exchanged amongst the participants. It is knowledge but it is also a dance. It is social science but also poetry.

This project is curated by our curators in residence, Cecelia Graham and Grace Jackson.