Upcoming Projects


autumn/winter art & coding: Robin Price.
Outdoor environmental project in PeasPark, North Belfast.
ongoing Ballykinler after the Army. A portrait of the village and the villagers-Lucy Rehill and David Copeland. In collaboration with Belfast Exposed.
TBC I am an artist and what are you?- Helouise O'Reily. Portrait of our neighbourhood in North Street, soon to be dispelled by redevelopment.
July 2018- June 2019 Siteboard at PeasPark. Series of 8 public ’siteboard’ projects at PeasPark, Skegoneill/Glandore interface, North Belfast.
08 -23 February

Domesticality- curated by Moran Been-Noon.

25 February - 02 March Dougal McKenzie: Belfast-Type Pictures
04 -30 March Lithuanian art and cultural production.
08 - 27 April Liliane Puthold
06 May - 01 June Short residencie, part 2: Open call for interest.
June Callum Hill