tit vs tat - Ruth McCullough & Jude Bennet. 30 April - 03 May

In conjunction with the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival http://www.cqaf.com/
Two years have passed since tit-tat came together for their inaugural Wee Wedding Disco on Wheels at Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. Last year saw the first anniversary and this year it is with great sadness, they announce their D.I.V.O.R.C.E.! 
Opening: Thursday 30 April, 8pm

tit vs tat will celebrate their irreconcilable differences by fighting the bit out in PS² to see who gets the house/kids! Come along to witness tit-tat battle against one another in disco inspired sports events, such as techno dancerthon, kareokethon, jogathon and much more. 
Witness, judge, score - only you can decide which one wins! 
Performances: Thursday 8-10pm, Friday-Saturday 3pm - 10pm & Sunday 10am- 4pm

8-10pm: tit tat Split Party
Open evening, where you get the chance to celebrate the split and witness the battle for custody through various competitions.
Take sides, compete and judge. There will be blood, sweat and tears!

3-6pm : Witness the fitness
tit tat will be in training for the evening events
8pm : Disco at the races
Obstacle laps, Shorts Circuits
Followed by a Karaoke Kat Fight
3-6pm : Witness the fitness
tit tat will be in training for the evening events 
8pm: Crystal Discoball Maze
A Richard O’Brien inspired treasure hunt throughout the various haunts of the Cathedral Quarter. Solve the riddles, and find the disco balls. Finalists get the chance to enter the tit tat dome.
Followed by Saturday Nights Alright  For Fighting: a Winner & losers Disco

Sunday Punch Brunch:
12 noon : Champagne & make up?
Will there be a reunion? Champagne to help you decide!
Sunday Opening: 10am-4pm

WITNESS, JUDGE, COMPETE - Only You Can Decide Which One Wins! 



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