SPACE SHUTTLE . Six projects at outside/outerspace locations.
27 April - 05 May 2007

After six projects between August 2006 and March 2007 at different locations around Belfast and with different artists as crew members, space shuttle returns for the last time with Discoveries. From locations as diverse as the front of a pub in Donegall Pass- the water edge at the Titanic Quarter or a school yard in Ballymurphy, mission-finding from these creative space explorations will be on display.

Artists and multidisciplinary groups gave each project a distinct profile and demonstrated a spectrum of work practices and strategies in urban creativity. Each project- lasting up to 2 weeks- exposed the shuttle and its team to real and sometimes alien encounters with the social environment. The projects invited the public to participate and take part in an exploration of the urban space, small side streets, squares and sites, which normally are of no cultural attention or public interest. A journey which mapped the city in many different visual forms, from film- to objects- to surveys. Discoveries takes place in two locations; PS² shows objects and relicts from the mission tours and can be used as a study room for the publication. The space shuttle at Royal Avenue/North Street is turned into a cinema, with films, interviews and footage from various projects.

Publication SPACE SHUTTLE, six projects of urban creativity and social interaction in Belfast. Published by PS², 94 pages.This publication is intended as a handbook and space-map and contains short portraits of all six projects, essays about creativity in an urban context and the artist as an urban practitioner, plus reading and web list.



Six Projects of Urban Creativity and Social Interaction, Belfast.
Published by PS², Belfast 2007
96 pages, price 5 Pounds.
Orders via bookshops or pssquared
or read online

Kennedy Browne: 'Episode 306: Dallas, Belfast'

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