RHYZOMPS² & Rhyzom: Live project
Students from the School of Architecture, University Sheffield http://sheffield.ac.uk/architecture/.
Field-trip 6-12 October 2009
Participants: Stefan Amato, Dean OʼBrien, Lee Jin Ting, Nicholas Evans, Pol Gallagher, Caitriona McGhee
Project blog Ireland: http://remotecontrol09.blogspot.com/t
Project blog Istanbul: http://08liveproject2009.blogspot.com/2009_10_01_archive.html
Live project outline- student brief: Cultural Production in Border Conditions
Project Client

PS² (www.pssquared.org) is a small artist collective based in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. PS² curates projects both within its ground floor space on Donegall Street and in culturally under-resourced sites around Belfast. PS² is a non-profit organization, run on a voluntary basis, receiving small scale funding and is reliant on networks of enthusiasm and critique. Informed by these networks, PS² raises questions about sites of cultural production and the link between space, activity, networks and dissemination.

Tuesday, 6 October @ PS² as client, meeting.

Project Context
PS² has begun to consider the border condition on the Island of Ireland (between North and South), its different cultural policies, regional independence and creative activities in rural landscapes, villages and small towns (see www.pssquared.org/ruraldebate.php). The different impact of PEACE III Funding on both sides of the border in relation to cultural activities can be exemplified with the border region of Leitrim (Republic of Ireland), the county with the lowest population and Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland (Portadown/Craigavon). The border condition in Northern/Southern Ireland allows for a comparative study between what appears to be ground-up cultural activity on the southern side of the border and top-down cultural organizational structure in the north.

Wednesday, 7 October: Christine Mackey, artist and students at Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton.

Project Brief
PS² offers this live project as a cross border project with a strong visual outcome which also includes the research process. Within this research we would aim for some alternative carthography/mapping and analysis of cross border conditions (past-present-future), indicating cultural sites of production/dissemination in a rural context (formal/informal), and  rhyzomatic formations of alternative cultural activities (alternative gardening/housing/economy/creative practice/art projects) through distant and at first glance dis-connected locations.
This could then lead to the propositions of possibilities for temporal cultural centers (small and large scale) as well as proposals for ‘housing the fluid’. Students are also encouraged to suggest through a design process the nature and location of new rural sites for cultural production/sharing. A report of the findings should be presented to an invited audience/clients in PS². It’s important to stress that this is a much needed body of work and as such will have a range of audiences.

Thursday, 8 October- Site visit- community garden Belleek, Northern Ireland- crossborder project Organic Centre, Manorhamilton, Republic of Ireland.

Suggested Project Sites
-Organic Centre, Manorhamilton. Centre for alternative agriculture and living with outreach projects-community/school gardens cross border www.theorganiccentre.ie
-Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton www.leitrimsculpturecentre.ie
- Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig Co. Monaghan
- Millennium Court, Portadown. Artscentre typical for the regions in a still contested space/ regional town.  www.millenniumcourt.org/

Friday, 9 October: Site visit- cattle auction

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