Leonia's Rubbish

Leonia's Rubbish - Hannah Casey. 17 July - 18 August 2007

CONSTRUCTS II: Hannah Casey. 'Leonia's rubbish'.

“Leonia’s rubbish little by little would invade the world, if, from beyond the final crest of its boundless rubbish heap, the street cleaners of other cities were not pressing, also pushing mountains of refuse in front of themselves. Perhaps the whole world, beyond Leonia’s boundaries, is covered by craters of rubbish, each surrounding a metropolis in constant eruption.” - I. Calvino, Invisible Cities.

This work in progress is the second in the series of CONSTRUCTS, focusing on different approaches in creating space. Hannah Casey uses cardboard and tape as the main material for her constructions, creating a site specific, private space or personal architecture within the project space. A playful approach and artistic DIY strategy to shape one's own environment and a critical opposition to the mostly profit driven regeneration in the city.

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