art & coding- Robin Price at PeasPark. An environmental data transformer.
October 2017 - July 2018.

Environmental science, coding and audio-visual art are the different aspects in this outdoor project. DIY built air quality sensors and climate measuring systems will be installed in PeasPark, North Belfast. The data will be translated into an interactive sound and image display in form of a sculptural installation. Through a workshop, local groups will select sounds and imagery that have connotations of both warning and serenity which will form part of the final display. The project connects with the growing concern about our changing climate and works both with scientific data as well as with our subjective understanding of colour, imagery and sounds/music.

This projet is the final part of art &....
In this series of 3 projects, PS² worked with specialist practitioners, to curate a project and programme around their subject and the link between art and other practices..
Contemporary art crosses many traditional borders incorporating other disciplines like film, performance, theatre, music, animation, dance… Yet there still are distinctions and hierarchies: who mixes with whom and to what degree? And does this interdisciplinary collaboration really produce new outcomes, valuable for all 'professions' involved? The series initiates collaborations and presents examples and processes of fruitful projects, some will be in partnership with organisations and festival i.e. NI Science Festival; Art&Design Festival; Ulster University; SARC, Queen’s University.

1].Amalgamate- Jane Rainey, Nicola Drennan; art & craft. 18 July - 06 August 2016, see.

2]Tuning The White Walls- sound events curated by Min Kim: art & sound. 11-27 August 2016, see

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