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2017/18 2016
Film Makers Sharon Adams, Sheena Devitt, Alison Fitzgerald, Nicola Gates, Ronan Lowery. With archive footage and new documentation by Simon and Lorna Mills. Belfast Mansto- Sheelagh Colclough
GLOP- Public Studio. A Catalyst Arts educational project with Bunscoil Bheann Mhadagáin PrimarySchool and pupils from P7. Mitch Conlon, Liliane Puthod, Andreas Kindler Von Knobloch.
Eli- Meadhbh Farren
Remnants- DJERIBI Infinity Farm
Anticipated fictions- Dorothy Hunter, curated by Mirjami Schuppert cinema or gallery
Growing Noise- Jasmin Ka Ballykinlar//ЗВИЗЖИ
Let's Have A Show - Work by artists with different skills and abilities,curated by Ella Campbell and Nicola Doole. Portrait of St. James's- Lyndsay Donly
Walk and Sketch- with Sharon Kelly and Cilla Wagner. Two days past. and the skies had changed 73 times on her noticing- Sheenagh Geoghegan
Mourne Mountains- Johanna Leech Real Life Experience- Yvonne Kennan and Hugh O’Donnell
Of objects and me - Iiu Susiraja, curated by Mirjami Schuppert LGBT WEEK
Aunt Belle's Door- Helouise O'Reilly Walk and sketch
Display cabinets DAS Residents- Miguel Martin, Josephine McCormick, Samantha McGahon and Eoin McGinn
Belfast+Derry 2023 Phragmites australis - Matilde Meireles
Materialities of History- Ulrika Ferm. Curated by Mirjami Schuppert Colouring-in Book - The Tuesday Drawing Studio: LA!, Karen, Grace O’ Neill, Trisha, Duncan, Allison, Róisín Robertson, Lightbox Willie, Gerry.
Open Project- Vasiliki Stasinaki, Catherine Cannon and Naomi Litvack curator in residence - Mirjami Schuppert
Culture Night 2017- Ringing bells (outdoors); We Speak Silent (indoors) Performance Week- Eliu Almonte, Jessica Hirst, curated by Sinéad O’Donnell.
We Speak Silent- Featuring work by Nicoline van Harskamp, Justine McDonnell, Tom Varley, Hannah Weiner. Curated by Clare Gormley summer art school
'In Search of the Miraculous 2.0' - Aleks Stanek Amalgamate. Jane Rainey, Nicola Drennan
A. Hawk Swanson- Curated by Clare Gormley. Tuning White Walls- curated by Min Kim
Yellowstone- Éanna Mac Cana [Enda Oisin Kelly McCann] Go girl - Participating artists: Catherine McLaughlin, Abbie Madden, Aimee Harkin, Alice Kearney, Anna Brogan, Audrey Gillespie, Ciara McMullan, Elizabeth McGeown, Jayne Harkness Bones, Louise Elizabeth Tweed, Megan Dallat, Rhea Hanlon, Robyn Lakes, Rosie Haghighi, Cheylene Murphy.
Curated by Catherine McLaughlin.
curator in residence- Jane Morrow. culture night Jan Uprichard and Go Girls

Who owns the City? Move North

Placebo Shop, Linda Byrne Polish Week 2016- Ilona Kazimierska-Majka, Magdalena Miler, Anna Smolińska-Howie

Still- Female artists respond to a theme about female birds- curated by Min Kim. With sound, visual, performance, poetry, dance. Part of International Women's Day. Takafumi Sakanaka

  Failure- Lynda Byrne

  Drawing Home- Jamie Beard

  Without Precedent -Work by architecture students, Queen’s University, Belfast.

  OSCILLATE- Dara Flanagan| Justine McDonnell| Cait Morrison | Damian Magee | Declan Proctor | Dermot Gibson. 

2015 2014
After the Fall - Robert Anderson An Active Encounter- Tamas St.Turba, Ruth Clinton, Niamh Moriarty, Colm Clarke, Michael O’Halloran - curated by Ciara Hickey
Simulations, Interfaces and Performativity - Laura O'Connor Karolina Culture Shop- Tymoteusz Bryndal, Stefania Kolanowska, Paula Patocka, Agata Stuchły, Robert Świerczyński, Ernest Wińczyk, Jan Wysocki.
Curated by Maryna Tomaszewska.
Explain collaboration -Fiona Whelan Gillian O Connor Rehearsal room 1 and 2- Brendan Jamison; Azahara Cerezo & Mario Santamaria; Miriam Witts; Shelby Hanna; 2N; John D'Arcy & Clara Kane; Sharon Kelly & Robin Price; Chatterbox Production; Sinead Breathnach-Cashell; Brian J Morrison; Cilla Wagner; John Robinson; Iain Griffin.
What Cures the Quiet Unease? Peter Evers (IE), Anna Johansson (SE) and Mikko Kuorinki, curated by Alissa Kleist. Unregimented. 01
community as artist-1- Sheelagh Colclough. A bird's eye view - Belfast Photo Festival, Paddy Bloomer..
5 routes, 1000 signs- Ruth Brolly Noise Box V1 - Barry Cullen, Seamus Harahan, Phil Hession, Saul Rayson and Chris Allen.
QueerSpace- Part of community as artist//workshop as exhibition Artbeat
Performing Identity- Caroline Pugh & Arif Ayab, curated by Sinéad O'Donnell The House Hunt - Brown&Brí
Belfast Photo Festival- Christophe Dillinger Fully Booked- curated by Caroline Healy. With Anthony Champa, Diana Champa, Suzanne Coates, Andrew Haire, Karishma Kusurkar, Kata Kiss, Jemma Robinson.
Papergirl- organised, circulated, collected, photocopied, installed and distributed by Julie Steenson and Jodie Young. round buttons square tones- curated by Min Kim and Barry Cullen. With Lisa Conway, Marty Byrne , Meabh Meir, Jan Jeffer, Aonghus Mcevoy, Stuart Geelon, Helena Hamilton, Ciarán Ó Meachair, Chris Lynn, Ian Kubra, Enda J O'Reilly, Jose Manuel Paez, Daimhin Kavanagh, Pablo Sanz, Rob Bentall, Michael Dzjaparidze, Caroline Pugh, Una Lee and Barry Cullen.
Playing of Minds- Stephanie Harper and Marc Dunlop Papergirl
Because these reds- Ciarán Wood TERRA FIRMA - Rachael Campbell-Palmer; peer review artist: Yvonne Kennan
The TDS about: MARCHING - curated by Hannah Watson
Solvitur Ambulando- Catherine Devlin Curators in residence - Household collective: Sighle Bhréathnach-Cashell, Eoin Dara, Ciara Hickey, Alissa Kleist and Kim McAleese.
culture night culture night
Puddles, Fountains, Scissors, Rock Mouseum- Shauna McGowan, Maya, Lily, Arthur, Celia, Diarmuid, Trisha McNally, Hazel
Open school of arts&crafts&other things to make Redacted Theorems- Nicky Larkin, Mike Harvey.
It's ok- Tomohiro Nagahata House of Blindness- Vicky Smith
Sister of Another.... Joseba Irazok, Tonya McMullan, Mila Pavićević, Simon Häggblom + Karin Lind. Community as artist- Sarah Tuck, Philip Napier.
Signs of protest BUILD TRUST- Martin Carter
GENDERAMA- curated by Naomhán O’Connor Snow Angels- Ngaire Jackson
Close encounters - Part 1- Christopher Whiteside & Madeline Graham. Part 2- Phil Hession. Explain collaboration -Fiona Whelan Gillian O Connor
YGGDRASIL Fitted and Tailored- YouthAction NI
The Past is Ongoing.
Angela Darby & Robert Peters.
'The New Advetures of Wonderwoman'- Dara Birnbaum, Christopher J. Campbell, Michael Hanna, curated by Ben Crothers.
The Craft of Writing. Paper Visual Art Journal @ PS2-Adrian Duncan Model Realities'- First Bangor Model Railway Club,
Deirdre McKenna, Ulster Railway Club, Chris Irwin,
Mairead Dunne, Christopher J. Campbell, Michael Digby
and films by the Spence Brothers.
Curatorial assistance: Yvonne Kennan.
Fundraiser Transfer tests - architecture students, Queen's University.
Backin' Belfast. Mapping 'Performance Art in Context' - Boris Nieslony and Gerhard Dirmoser. Curator: Sinead O'Donnell.
Crèche  course. Anne-Marie Dillon, Caragh O'Donnell. 'Lost & Found' - Maeve Henry.
Temporary Places.Duncan Ross, Paddy Bloomer, Yvonne Kennan, Philip Hession, Joanna Hopkins, Laura O'Connor, Charlotte Bosanquet, Mairead Dunne 'Deprived / Pozbawieni - Yael Bartana and Artur Zmijewski, curated by Monika Szewczyk.
Its Performance. Hugh O'Donnell, Mineki Murata Links gardens! Ballykinlar community project.
Skype Supply. Robin Renwick A Malin Head to Mizen Head Approach - Susan Lynch.
Donegall Street. Joanna Bailie Temporary Art Repair Shop- Tobias Sternberg.
Needles(s). Olan Stephens Guitar Sculpture - Richard Davis.
Cutting Cultures - Konrad Pawlaszek, Kasia Kochanska. Lebensfries - Sharon Kelly, Aoife Kelly-McCann.
Redemption Machine - Astrid Bin Converge - Alissa Kleist, Charlotte, Bosanquet, Tonya McMullan.
Token - Sinéad Breathnach-Cashell, Jiann Hughes,
Sam Ruscicia
Sounds like home - Robin Price.
Fantastic Voyage - Sara O’Gorman Trueprod2k11 - Iain Griffin.
Papergirl Culture Night 2012 - Robin price, Yvonne Kennan.
Art in Prison- curated by Yvonne Kennan. Ping talks - Rory Hyde; Alessandra Giacinti;
Johan Lundh; Bronagh Lawson.
PS² in Galway- Anne-Marie Dillon; Julie Miller; Ruth Morrow; Vicky Smith; Joan Sugrue; Phil Hession; Austin Ivers; Carol Anne Connolly, Catherine McGrath; Ruby Wallis; Emma O’Sullivan. curator in residence.
The Goblin Market- Madeline Graham, Christopher Whiteside. METAMORPHOSIS - Participating artists: Stephen Brandes (UK),Vanessa Donoso López (ES), Priscila Fernandes (PT), Cainneach Lennon (IE), Tom Molloy (IE), Ann Murphy (IE), Magnhild Opdøl (NO), Andrea Spencer (UK). Curated by Rowan Sexton.
Summer Sketching- Sharon Kelly, Cilla Wagner. Jesper Just - curated by Kim McAleese and Eoin Dara.
The Jangly Dusk. Cian Donnelly Fellowship of the Faithless - Julie Miller.
To Architect. Paul Bower  
Signal Box- Gary Shaw  
PS² in Dublin  
Santa Sanctuaries- Maeve Henry, Ray Cashell, Sinead Breathnach-Cashel  
round buttons square- curated by Min Kim and Barry Cullen. Lisa Conway, Marty Byrne, Meabh Meir; Jan Jeffer; Aonghus Mcevoy, Stuart Geelon; Helena Hamilton; Ciarán Ó Meachair; Chris Lynn; Ian Kubra; Barry Cullen; Enda J O'Reilly; Jose Manuel Paez; Daimhin Kavanagh; Pablo Sanz; Rob Bentall; Michael Dzjaparidze; Caroline Pugh; Una Lee.  
'ATTIC SANDCASTLES' - Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell Drawing on Illness - Beth Fraser
'storeroom/showroom' - PRIME collective: Charlotte Bosanquet, Alissa Kleist, Tonya McMullan Space in Between - Laura Graham
‘I can’t go on. I’ll go on.' - Ursula Burke apple diversity - Celia Spouncer
'culture night' - Ursula Burke, Alice McDaniel, Herbie McCann, Peter Surginor. Age Awareness Week - City Way Daycare Centre & Hannah Casey
‘Howser’s Law’ - Jan Uprichard Culture Night - Paddy Bloomer, Catherine Roberts
'. . . come let me lighten your (ironing) load' - Julie Miller. Budgie Butlin's - Catherine Roberts
'Pedestrial Acts' - curated by John Osburn:
Lauren Guyer, Bethany Nelson, Nicole Touzien, Megan Yankee
inter-alia - Michael Hanna, Ryan Moffett
'Seven voices' - Joel Cathcart, Isobel Anderson Situations Wanted - Pii Anttila
‘This is this' - Yvonne Kennan plant drawings! - PS²

‘curator in residence' - Ben Crothers, Charlotte Bosanquet, Rowan Sexton, Sinead O’Donnell, Lydia Holmes, Yvonne Kennan, Siraj Izhar, Susan Lynch, Tonya McMullan, Colm Clarke.

Amplifications - Lesley Flanigan

'BLOOD PIANO' - Imogene Newland Children Festival - Patrick Sanders
'Triangle Waves'- Cory Levinson

Polska Folk - curated by Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

'Triptych Pipes' - Rory Brady

'Do You Love Me Now' (Minka) - Fiona Larkin

UP- Down - Phil Hession, public works, Paddy Bloomer, Duncan Ross.
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN - Helena Hamilton
'The Joy of Colour ' - Polish Cultural Week: Sebastian Proszko, Wojciech Rubik, Danuta Cichocka, Barbara Swist, Poterała Martin, Mariusz Toczek,
Arkadiusz Domek,
Sunday performances -curated by Hugh O'Donnell: Leo Devlin, Paul King, Anne Quail, Rainer Pagel, Colm Clark, Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell, Kristof Gillen, Crissie Cadman.
‘Seeds from Shelley’ - Peter Surginor Centrifugal VI - Kalle Hamm, Daniel Jewesbury
'Give & Take' - curated by Tonya McMullan:
Acitore Z Artezione, Anne Beck, Alexa Hare, Michael Hart,
Christine Kesler, Dietmar Krumrey, Presley Martin,
Tonya McMullan, Paulina Sandberg, Andrew Vennell.


Unprivileged Highs and Lows - Joanna Karolini

'MULTIPLE' - organized by Catalyst Arts: Simon Mills,

Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell, Charlotte Bosanquet, Martin Carter, Ben Craig, Fionnuala Doran,
Ciara Dunne, Phil Hession, Helen McDonnell, Miguel Martin, , Ryan O'Reilly, Catherine Roberts,
Duncan Ross, Gemma Withers.

StreetSociety - Stephen St Ledger, Rita Farrell, Sandra McGrath, Daniel Leebody, Mark Nixan, Nathan Campbell, Tomas Griffin, Simon Mallon, Mark Adamson.


'On Yer Bike'- Rory Mc Cawl:

CHAOS - curated by Sinéad O'Donnell: Judith Price, Irene Loughlin, Ed Johnson, Rachel Echenberg, Johanna Householder, Paul Couillard, Shannon Cochrane, John G Boehme, Sylvette Babin, Tanya Mars; guest artist: Poshya Kakl; writer in residence: Mark Greenwood

Tales of Love- Siobhan Rodgers

Drawing on the Right - Katrina Sheena Smyth
Visual Sound- tests - 1. Joel Cathcart, Isobel Anderson; 2. Katrina Sheena Smyth + Alan Gleeson. The Drawing Room - Beverley Cleland
Beach huts- Queens University students  
The Public School of Embroidery- Alessandra Celesia, Sophie Morin, Grazyna Areny, Julie Navarro, Laurent Pellissier, Javiera Hiault-Echeverria, Carlota Lohidoy, Hannah Casey, Lyndsey McDougall.  

'Do You Love Me Now' (Minka) - Fiona Larkin

Remembered, Heard - Jennifer Caffrey  
Museum TV Station - Lado Darakhvelidze  


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