Urban Scale Interventions

Urban Scale Interventions. 03 June - 13 July 2019

Together with Belfast City Council as part of the ‘City Imagining’ cultural strategy 2020-2030,
Urban Scale Interventions will be hosting a number of workshops, exhibitions, gigs, drop-in sessions and interactive events to understand what it means to live in Belfast today and what we want to see in our city in the future. 

During this project, PS² will be turned into a collaboration space with interactive maps, lighting exhibits, future city visualisations and art installations to facilitate an open door pop-up studio. Within this context, discussion will evolve and grow over the 6 week consultation process, contributing to this accessible and street facing exhibition with artefacts of people’s hopes and aspirations for a future Belfast.

Working closely with residents and businesses, community groups and local artists, the project will facilitate a number of sessions that will grow and develop the exhibition over the 6 week duration.

We welcome any form of collaboration.
For more information or to be involved, please contact Jak or Ralf on studio@urbanscaleinterventions.com

For more information on Urban Scale Interventions see.

Urban Scale Interventions
Set up

Home Illuminated - Artist Open Call

Deadline: 19 May, 6pm
Please email your submission (Maximum 5MB) to

Winners will be announced on May 20th

Home Illuminated - Artist Open Call
Urban Scale Interventions in partnership with Belfast City Council launches Home; an open call for proposals from Belfast based artists to design and reinterpret everyday objects associated with home. Home in the 21st century is a complex, changing and dynamic concept. During the development of the new Cultural Strategy for 2020 - 2030, Belfast City Council have undertaken an extensive engagement process on theme of being At Home. We understand what it means to be At Home can be as much about a feeling or a sense of belonging as it can be about a specific place or bricks and mortar.
The selected pieces from this Home Illuminated Open Call will come together as part of a public display pavilion in the city centre, which will celebrate a sense of place and belonging in our city. This multi-purpose space will be used for creative programming with cultural organisations, as well as meetings, workshops and drop-in space as part of an on-going engagement programme. We are asking local artists to add to the overall design of this pavilion by creating new interpretations of everyday objects found in our homes. These objects will be displayed in the window of the pavilion and will illuminate the space at night time.

The Brief – design a lighting object/sculpture.
We are asking artists to design an object that represents being At Home. The objects can range from (but are not limited to) an interpretation of the bath, sofa, bed, stairs, fireplace, front door, wardrobe, toilet, table and so on.

Artists can interpret these objects in any way they wish with the stipulation that they can light up, and are on a 1:1
scale (unless the design rationale dictates otherwise).

A panel of representatives will select the final five objects for exhibition in the pavilion. Artists will be awarded with up to £1500 to design and create their lighting object. Instruction for the selected objects would start the 21/05/19 and need to be complete by 03/06/19.

Each proposal is to be a maximum of 300 words and no more than 2 x A4 pages containing the following:

- A description of the chosen object.
- The reason for choosing this object and its significance to the concept of At Home.
- Sketches, drawing and/or photographs of the chosen object.
- Object specifications (i.e. weight, material, scale/dimensions).
- Whether the object is for internal or external use or both.
- A small description of the objects electrical elements.

For the full brief see




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