‘sounding out space’ (3): Tobias Sternberg: 'Yourself from the outside'.
26 January - 14 March

Part 1- construction. 26 January - 18 February 2009- (Site assistants: David Mahon, Gerard Carson)
Part 2- completion. 20 February - 14 March 2009
Opening hours: Tues-Fri 1-5, Sat 11am-3pm (Late Night Art Thursday 1-9pm)

"When asked if he could make a site specific installation responding to the project space , Tobias answered,
-Sure, but it won’t be what you expect it to be.
-That’s fine. We’ll give you free hands to do what you want with the space, within reason of course.
-Of course, but I might be more interested in the door.
-Only the door?
-Yes. I think I will make it very, very complicated. So that people remember it.

Have you ever entered a room and then suddenly realized that you didn’t even notice the door? What colour it was and which way it hinged? Probably not. If you had thought about that, you would have noticed the door already. But a lot of doors go unnoticed.

In our imagination doors are significant, since they lead to something new. A hidden world or exciting experience has to be entered into, preferably through a mysterious door that first needs to be found and then unlocked. In real life that door is inside your own head. If you can find it and unlock it you are guaranteed to have an interesting experience.

Since you can’t enter the door inside my head, I have decided to build it in the gallery instead. It will be real, it will be physical, and it will try to subvert your world view.

I have to warn you. You are entering on your own responsibility and I take no liability for the consequences.

It will knock you over!
It will make you see yourself from a new angle.
It will expose you to the curiosity of others.
It will test your courage.

You have been warned. You have been enticed".

Text Tobias Sternberg

Tobias Sternberg is a swedish artist based in London. He works in a range of media making art that is mostly concerned with making people see the world around them in new ways. He makes tactile and communicative sculptures, installations and videos, testing the limits of our perception and imagination. For PS² he will build an intricate installation which asks the audience to engage with more than just what meets the eyes.

construction phase
project under construction, 27January
construction phase
project under construction, 30January

construction phase
project under construction, 3February
construction phase
project under construction, 12February







entrance door
two part entrance door
teddy bear tunnel
the teddy bear tunnel







‘sounding out space’ is a series of explorative projects around aspects of space (architectural, emotional, historical, practical…). The 23m² of project space with its public exposure to the street is the object of investigation with a wide range of multidisciplinary approaches; artists, musician, choreographer, a cat, interior designer, spiritualistic medium, refurbishment people, tenants...
All projects are recorded and documented by Fiona Larkin.
The series started with Matt Green: 'Present place' in 2008 and continued with 'Portraits' by Kathy Graham.

For more information on Tobias Sternberg see www.tobiassternberg.com

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