PS² & Rhyzom- Sarah Browne:
Lebensreform in Leitrim and other stories;
supported by a residency at Leitrim Sculpture Centre www.leitrimsculpturecentre.ie, publication/ exhibition 2010

Sarah Browne's
research related to the Rhyzom project will address the contemporary legacy of migrations to the Leitrim area, particularly German, Dutch and Swiss people in the 1970s-80s. The subtitle 'and other stories' emphasises an interest in modes of documentary and fiction, and a caution and sensitivity towards the people who will inevitably become involved in the process of research and display.
The term Lebensreform (Life Reform) originated in Germany in the mid 1890s for attempts to renew the whole conduct of life, especially in the spheres of nutrition, clothing, dwelling and health. More particularly, you could notice movements... any kind of attitude against established constrictions of society... the Life Reform movements were certainly predecessors of today’s “escapist” constructions of identity, formed via lifestyle conceptions (Gertrud Prellwitz).

Sarah Browne’s research-based practice is concerned with forms of non-market exchange such as gift economies, subsistence, subsidies and poaching. She is concerned with the creation or documentation of intentional economies and temporary ‘communities’. These small-scale gatherings tend to form and be formed by forces of intention or desire, and are typically influenced by emotional affects. Her process often derives techniques from documentary genres and ethnographic practices, working from the premise of ‘critical proximity’. Addressing these overlaps between utopianism, emotionalism and economics, her work is realised through public projects, publications, exhibitions and critical writing. She also collaborates on a body of work with Gareth Kennedy as Kennedy Browne www.irelandvenice.ie

Recent exhibitions and commissions include the Irish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale; Noughties but Nice, Twenty First Century Irish Art, Limerick City Gallery and touring (both 2009); A Romantic Interlude, commissioned for New Sites, New Fields, Leitrim Sculpture Centre (2008); A Model Society, solo exhibition at the LAB, Dublin; Sweet Futures, commissioned for Visualise Carlow; and Home Improvement, commissioned for the National Sculpture Factory, Cork (all 2007).

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