Heather Bamforth:'Deconstruction'

Edith Alonso, Antony Maubert: 'Nomade II', sound installation. 25-27 August 2008

In collaboration with Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music/ICMC2008
Opening times: Mon- Wed, 11am-7pm

This work is an exploration and reinterpretation of the sound links that unite crossbred cultures resulting from mixed races. Crossbreeding made movements, nomad displacements and diasporas. The visitor moves in a space where all frontiers are abolished; there are only a few reference points where he can go to and fro with freedom. He invests the sounds interstices and the non-defined zones that sustain the musical network. At the same time he can watch on a video screen a virtual map that moves upon geographic regions according to his displacements, showing thehistorical move of people from East to West and recreating the reverse.

Nomade II
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