'Triptych Pipes'- Rory Brady, sound performance. 26 – 28 May 2011.

Opening hours: Thursday, 26.05, 1-5pm, Friday, 27.05, 1-8pm
'Triptych Pipes'
is a piece which will consist of three metal pipes of different lengths. The pipes will be excited by solenoids connected to various different materials.
The rate at which the pipes are excited, the material that strikes them, and the striking location on the pipe, is defined by the activity within the space.
The piece explores the relationship between matter, and the transcendental, between ideas and action, perception and consciousness.

Rory Brady is currently studying an MA in sonic arts (SARC) at Queens University, Belfast. He has a B.Sc in Music Media and performance technology from University of Limerick. He has composed and performed as a musician and sound artist in a variety of genres and contexts, including, classical, folk, electroacoustic, and avant garde.
Rory Brady is currently interested in exploring the relationship between organic sound and technology. The overall effects than people have on our sonic environment, through the use of ambiguous interactive mechanical sound works.

For more information on Rory Brady's Electro-acoustic Compositions:

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