Sounding out space (5): 'Do You Love Me Now' (Minka). 28 April - 03 May 2010.

Over the last two years, four artists explored the space of PS² within the series of 'sounding out space', Now, a cat will tackle the subject, observe the space and is being observed in her investigation.
Cats- one says- are more connected to the (built) environment than to their owners. They occupy a space in a very particular way and seem to make it their own. They sit at strange angles at certain chairs or floors, move along invisible lanes, avoid one area and prefer another for no obvious reasons. Or are there?
Minka is our family cat and she will investigate the PS² space on her terms. As she can't talk like the grinning cat in Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland', performance- and video artist Fiona Larkin will observe and film her during the project.
Her edited video piece will later be shown in PS².

'This is the 5th project of ‘sounding out space', a series of explorative projects around aspects of space (architectural, emotional, historical, practical…). The 23m² of project space with its public exposure to the street is the object of investigation with a wide range of multidisciplinary approaches; artists, musician, choreographer, a cat, interior designer, spiritualistic medium, refurbishment people, tenants...
'sounding out space' (1) Matt Green: 'Present place' , 2008; (2) Kathy Graham: 'Portraits', 2009; (3) Tobias Sternberg: 'Yourself from the outside', 2009; Joanna Karolini: 'Unpriviliged Highs and Lows', 2010.

All projects are recorded and documented by Fiona Larkin.
For more information on Fiona Larkin see: www.flaxartstudios.com/fiona.html#

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