Miguel Martin: 20 eyes

'20 eyes' - Miguel Martin, wall drawings. 23 November - 19 December

Work- phase: 23Nov- 9 December (18hours window viewing), Late Night Art 6-9pm
Exhibition- phase: 10-19 December (opening hours: Tues-Sat 1-5pm)

Since the young, Belfast based artist Miguel Martin started his project over two weeks ago, all hell is loose in PS².
With a thin brush and ink, he drew directly onto the walls, a slow and back aching process.
He covered two walls with panoramic scenes, viewed from above as if standing on a mountain looking down on
a battlefield below.

Miguel Martin: wall drawing

Mutilated bodies, burning houses, naked women,
sex and murder.
A panorama of human destruction, painstakingly detailed but never realistic, clearly from our time and a reverence to the history of religious paintings.
Bosch’s triptych ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ seems to get a contemporary re-mix, filtered out are the religious undertones, the moral command. Amplified are the multi-perspective viewpoints and the naive humoresque. Perhaps his wall drawings are just an open eyed trip into hell when he comments:
‘20 eyes cover the walls with drawings. Plenty of small ones all around the space, the door, window frames etc. Within those drawings, I will conceal 20 eyes, and the plan is to make the opening a kind of game...where the audience will look for the 20 hidden eyes, they will have a sheet of the wall drawing, and circle where they found them all.

This is the first in a series of three consecutive projects, where artist use the walls of PS² as a surface for their drawings. The series contiuous with Beverley Cleland's 'The Drawing Room' and 'Drawing on the Right' by Katrina Smyth.

20 eyes- wall drawing

For more information on Miguel Martin see: http://www.myspace.com/miguelthedrawing

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