Ulster Architectural Heritage Society: Risk beermat. 27-29 November

Screening of at risk buildings/ Launch of a risk beermat
It is seldom that building conservation, urban activism, beer brewing and leisure come so close together.
The Ulster Architectural Heritage Society created a beermat, featuring at risk buildings in the Cathedral Quarter,Belfast, some of them-like the home of PS²- most likely to be demolished due to regeneration projects.


The risk....is rewarding
The text on the reverse of the beermat holds up the warning finger:’ The buildings on the reverse are in the Cathedral Conservation Area. Most are vacant and some have been proposed for demolition. All are capable of re-use. Enterprising businesses like the John Hewitt and the Duke of York are breathing life back into the birthplace of Belfast.

at risk buildings
at risk buildings






Find out how you can make a difference www.uahs.org.uk

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