Placebo Shop- Linda Byrne

Placebo Shop- Linda Byrne. 22 January - 10 February 2018

Opening: Thursday, 01 February, 6-9pm
Opening hours:
Tues-Fri, 1-5pm, Sat, 12-4pm

The success of pharmaceuticals have normalised the swallowing, injecting and inhaling of chemicals to treat all human conditions. Against this, alternative therapies waned, as they appeared non-
scientific, lacking that cool sterile professionalism associated with modern medicine. And yet folklore or traditional 'cures' remain, handed down through communities.

Placebo Shop- Linda Byrne
installation view

Along comes the MRI scanner and the IT industry. Research begins into the effectiveness of the Placebo Effect. Increasingly the evidence uncovers the 'mind', or the thought processes associated with imagination, can be utilised to physically effect and direct changes within the body.  Using a placebo and even a known placebo can work. The brain believes and activates imagined outcomes.

More recently, areas of the mid brain have been linked to activating the body's production of opiates.  Scientists suggest we may be able to produce our own neuro-chemicals to treat conditions such as Parkinson's and chronic pain.  Imagine your very own internal pharmacy, activated through created belief, leading to expectation and an imagined outcome. Virtual reality, that had been utilised centuries ago for healing.

Well isn't that very useful.

Placebo Shop- Linda Byrne
Linda Byrne: questionnaire

Placebo Shop- Linda Byrne
returned questionnaire

And yes they were on to this years ago, until much discredited table elevation, spoon bending, and smoke and mirrors derailed any taking of the power of mind seriously. But oh the fun.

Placebo Shop, with the divine intervention of your imagination, will be treating common day ailments, using placebo treatments. It is a spatial installation and performance space for the
brain to believe and activate imagined outcomes. An internal creative process.

Placebo Shop- Linda Byrne

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