Djeribi: 'Remnants of a disappointed life'

'I could choose to call this: remnants of a disappointed life'. An outdoor display cabinet project by DJERIBI. 18 February- 11 March 2017.

Opening hours: daily

PS² has 2 display cabinets outside the new location at 11 North Street. Used by the former business Braddell to show small items of fishing-tackle equipment, we turn the cabinets into a mini PS². With no barriers for passers-by to have a look, the showcases sit at the outside next to our entrance, sheltered but still public, connected with the street.

I could choose to call this: remnants of a disappointed life by Djeribi is the first project in an ongoing series.
The cabinet installation presents a stage in the process of the artist's ongoing work with the notion of leftovers. An inveterate hoarder, Djeribi was invited to the house of one of her deceased neighbours to divert her abandoned personal possessions from the landfill, once her descendants had chosen what they wanted to hang on to. A manner of inheritance, albeit unintentional, that was found to weigh heavily in the artist's hands. By taking here a small breath on the path of reappropriation, reflecting on what she understands of this unsung disappointed life Djeribi questions if there is a duty attached to the reusing of other people's stuff to make one's work. What if objects are actually embued with their previous owner's soul (Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman) and what if artistic practitioners were requested to actually pay their perceived dues by honouring those who do not have a voice.Unwinding and rewinding the wool into tight new balls while contemplating the trying life of a rural woman's existence, Djeribi hazard the possibility of redemption through the repurposing of one's life leftovers.
A short note, typed on the wide-carriage typewriter—also part of the accidental inheritance—spells a manner of title. A QR code allows the visitor endowed with the appropriate technology to access the soundtrack of the piece on soundcloud, the artist's voice—click below.

Djeribi, born in Paris, emigrated to Dublin in 1990 and on to neo-peasantry in Leitrim in 2000.
She has been running mermaid turbulence, a publishing project since 1993. Her inclusive polymorphic practice—that had to compete for attention, over a large number of years, with the bringing up of her two children—includes writing, visual arts (artists books, objects, films, installations), opinionated food (sourdough bread; delicious, experimental and fermented stuff; edible art interventions) and farming as an intentional political act.

Installation view

Call for proposals
PS² invites everyone who is interested to use the showcases, from artist to organisations, hobby collectors, writers, sound enthusiasts…to send a short proposal for their possible use of this mini-PS².The projects could last from 1 day to three weeks, change daily or stay still. During the time of a showcase project, you will have the keys to the cabinets and design the display as you like. The outside shutters are open during the day, at night we currently have to close them.
Length: 154cm
Width:    68cm
Depth:   11cm
If you are interested, please send a short outline of your showcase project (not more than 200 words) and if possible few images to: pssquared[at]

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