No Alibi

‘Dreaming in Chinese whispers’, Vent Collective.- 07- 20 September 

Work in progress: Monday 7th - 11th September, between 12am and 11pm
Opening: Thursday 17th September, 6- 8pm
Opening hours of final work: Tues- Sat 1-5pm; Sun 10am-4pm

The VENT Collective will create ‘Dreaming in Chinese whispers’, a five-day visual
conversation carried out on the three walls of the PS2 project space. Over the five days the artwork,
visible to passers by and documented using time-lapse photography, will evolve organically as each
artist reinterprets and augments each other’s visual statements. Once the project is completed, the
walls will be painted white and the time-lapse film projected onto the back wall for the remainder of
the exhibition.
Artists: Lisa Conlan, Brian Cunning, Colin Dunlop, James Foster, David McClelland, Ashling Meenagh
and David Timlin.

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