PS² & Rhyzom: Bryonie Reid

Bryonie Reid is a researcher and writer with an overarching interest in ideas of place, identity and belonging. She has a degree in fine art, an MA in cultural studies and has written a PhD entitled ‘Labouring Towards the Space to Belong: Imagining Place in Northern Ireland’. She has published papers on the significance of place in relation to cultural geography, feminist theory, literature and art practice.
Selected publications:
-‘The Territory of Art and the Territory Underfoot: a Reading of Three Artworks from Leitrim’, pp44-49 in Circa, no.127, 2009.
-Untitled introductory essay, pp20-23 in Christine Mackey, Riverwork(s), Dublin, Ignition Press, 2008.
-‘Rearranging the Ground: Public and Private Space in Belfast’, pp489-503 in Gender, Place and Culture, vol.15 no.5, 2008.

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