Amber Hawk Swanson
Curated by Clare Gormley.
Part of Outburst Queer Arts Festival. 10 November – 2 December 2017.


Opening: Thursday, 0 9 November 2017, 6-8pm
Opening hours: Wed- Fri, 1-5pm, Sat 12-4pm

This is the first UK solo exhibition by New York based artist Amber Hawk Swanson.

Hawk Swanson's video, photographic and sculptural works draw on her experiences as a long-time member of the silicone sex doll community, cataloging both her engagements with ‘doll husbands’ and her relationship with Amber Doll; a doll made in her likeness who became her artistic and romantic companion for five years. 

This exhibition foregrounds Hawk Swanson’s use of Amber Doll as a performative vessel through which she critiques and destabilises fixed notions of gender, sexuality and identity. It also highlights alternative narratives of doll owners who—for reasons of anonymity surrounding their relationship to a transfeminine spectrum—have not pursued public avenues of self-representation prior to their collaborations with Hawk Swanson. In this work the doll body is revealed as a surrogate for queer desires; a means of both self-expression and self-transformation.

Amber Hawk Swanson (b. 1980) is a New York-based artist born in Davenport, Iowa. Her work deals with how the psychological debt of love animates us in a social-emotional economy.
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Image top: Amber Hawk Swanson

This project is supported by the British Council

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